How to Make a Transparent PNG

A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format file is a type of image file that supports transparent backgrounds and is commonly used for web graphics and digital photography.


To make a transparent PNG image in Adobe Photoshop CC, follow these steps:

How to Make a Transparent PNG

What is a PNG format file ?

Are you confused by what a PNG format file is in Adobe Photoshop CC ? If so, that is perfectly understandable because there are many images files formats available to photographers. The most common ones include JPG, PSD, TIFF, and of course, PNG. and Other camera format files are CR2, DNG, NEF, etc.

Tap into global refinement sliders to smooth and feather the edges of your image. This improves image contrast and sharpness to ensure that the details of your subject aren’t lost as you make the background transparent.


Make a transparent Photoshop PNG image.

Following these steps will allow you to create a transparent PNG image in Adobe Photoshop CC.




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