Color Correction Service

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Portraits CMYK Color Correction

Before After clipping world studio model color correction beforeclipping world studio model color correction after

Photoshop Color Correction method that is also known as the four color process. CMYK stands for the color- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black).
Color correction is where colors are applied individually like black, cyan, magenta and yellow to make an image appear more bright or to darken certain areas. Based on the content being printed and the printer used, this CMYK process can create up to 16,000 colors. 

Due to the wide range of color availability color correction is used on portraits to  brighten it up make the skin more toned and perfect or in some cases change the colors altogether. 

Portraits  Color Correction service is for portraits of all kinds like- model photos, magazines, normal portraits, old portraits, e-commerce sites and many more.

Apparel RGB Color Correction

RGB is the digital photo color space. It stands for Red, Green and Blue. These three colors mixed at different saturation level produces all the colors that can be seen on a screen. Color Correction process is used to  change the colors on a piece of apparel or brighten it up by turning up the intensity.
Apparel RGB Color correction service help your garments look more bright and stand out more against the white background, its also helps you edit the color of your products. This service is mainly for online business platforms or e-commerce sites.
Color change is a process that requires creativity, skill and knowledge of colors and expertise on the software to be able to tweak the apparel to increase its appeal.
At Clipping World Studio we have creative color corrector with a keen eye for color and extraordinary editing skills. We also offer you the most affordable price along with the quality of our work.

Before After clipping world studio apparel color correction beforeclipping world studio apparel color correction after

Product Color Correction

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Product Color Correction service consists of all the color correction required for your image to look more bright and stand out. It is carried out on products, usually garments, that have two or more colors of the same style of product. So photoshop tools are used to virtually changing the color of one image instead of taking photos of all the color of the same product in stock, retouch it and then use it. The service saves you time and money.
At Clipping World Studio we offer you high quality product color correction services at a very low cost.

Lifestyle Color Correction

Lifestyle Color Correction services are suitable for lifestyle pictures such as suits, landscapes, food photography etc.  This service is mainly used to enhance colors and remove anomalies of a scenic image to make it look more attractive and stand out.
Color correction services are mainly used by online realtors, Hotels, restaurants, online food businesses and many many more.

Before After Clipping World Studio/Lifestyle Color Correction BeforeClipping World Studio/Lifestyle Color Correction After

How Does It Work

Our team provides with image dependent Color correction services suitable for your platform. The finished image will be delivered to you timely depending the timing mentioned in the project plan of your choice.

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What to know about Color Correction Service?

Color Correction service is a very convenient service used in both online and offline advertisements. Color correction process helps you attain perfect hues for your printed advertisements such as leaflets, pamphlets, magazines depending on the printer. The RGB correction process helps your online products to shine through.

The process helps make an image flawless and more appealing, it lets colors to be changed if needed and helps you bring out the absolute best in your product.

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Why us ?

Clipping world studio provides you with all the color correction services mentioned above. Our  images are high quality a low production cost.

At clipping world studio we offer you the following color correction services

  1. Image regeneration using single or multiple colors
  2. Using most updated technology for Color Correction
  3. Fixing the undesired issues
  4. Softening color to make a useful color correction for screen printing.
  5. Color Correction of  E-commerce images.

We are known best for high-quality Color Correction services provider over the world. Our pros have sufficient skills for doing this efficiently for you. Using the updated equipment and software we are one of the best color correcting services out there. As mentioned earlier as a freelance firm we have in hand working experience with multiple clients from all over the world.