eCommerce Photo Editing Service

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Simple Product Editing

Before After clipping world studio simple product product beforeclipping world studio simple product product after

Simple product editing is required for products like glasses, bracelets, hats etc., things that easily get dusty or are a little reflective. The reflection or dust is removed by simple product editing services to make your products look perfect. and attractive.

E commerce Product Background Removal

E-commerce product background removal is just like any other background removal, where an closed vector path is used to hand draw around an object to clip out the background to get a solid color background for your product. 
removing the background removes any distraction and puts your product into direct spotlight. This helps to highlight your product and catch customers eyes easily.

Before After clipping world studio complex product beforeclipping world studio complex product after

Photoshop Shadow Effects

Before After clipping world studio shadow effect beforeHow to Make a Transparent PNG

Photoshop shadow effect is where you create a shadow under the subject on a solid color background. This can be a little tricky to as it requires some level of creativity and only skill or expertise don’t cut it. Drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow are few of the shadow effect in photoshop. These effects makes your product look real and legit and makes it more likely for customers to buy it.

Photo Color Correction

Product color correction is carried out on products, usually garments, that have two or more colors of the same style of product, so photoshop tools are used to virtually changing the color of one image instead of taking photos of all the color of the same product in stock, retouch it and then use it. Product color correction saves you time and money. 

Before After clipping world studio color correction beforeclipping world studio color correction after

How Does It Work

Our team provides retouching headshots support which usually takes about 1-3 office days. The aim of this service is to clean the final headshot of flaws, zits, under-eye circles, stray hairs, yellow teeth, visible scars, skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, grease, sweat, etc. Clipping World Studio is always ready to help you perfect the images on your platform.

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What is Ecommerce Photo Editing Service?

E-commerce photo editing service is comprised of all the photo editing services required to make you product stand out. The services include:
        Simple Product Image Editing
Background Removal
Shadow Effect
Color Correction

Since your photos are the only way for them to choose or see the products they are supposed to buy, the photos must be good enough/attractive enough to earn their confidence. The images must be enough to express the special features of your product.

If your eCommerce product image is poor in presentation, customers might not trust your platform and may result in a poor revenue. The images of your products must uphold the quality of your product, if your images are not good quality its less likely for your customers to trust your platform and take your word for it. Admit it, no one does that.

The images on your platform the defines your the quality of your platform and in turn affects your online presence, and if your images lack the quality your presence might loose its essence and business, its money.

Why us ?

Clipping World Studio focuses on product dependent image editing, meaning, we edit an image depending on what it needs changed for it to be upgraded. We try to keep the image as real looking as possible while highlighting its special features and attraction without it looking fake or too edited. In this era of scams as an e-Commerce platform it is necessary for the image to look real and attractive as possible to earn the trust of the customers.

Clipping World Studio offers you a lower price with great quality so as to make it easier for our clients with a budget to get their work done. Our team of workers are dedicated and offers you quick customer service. This is what makes us one of the best e-Commerce photo editing companies in Bangladesh and around the world.