Photo Retouching Service

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High End Photo Retouching

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High end photo retouching is mainly required for the mass media like- newspapers, magazines, ad-agencies or social media platforms. These images needs to be fault free and perfect so as to attract the target audiences, If the image retouching for these cases looks fake it would have an adverse effect on your business. The skilled pros at clipping world studio would be more than happy to help you out on that.

Portrait Retouching

Portrait retouching is a process of image retouching which is used in portraits or recreational photography of living beings in most cases. Portrait retouching can be used to retouch your wedding photos, baby showers photos, birthday, Christmas photos or any kind of portraits that you may need.
Portrait masking is usually used to remove blemishes, scars, unwanted stains or any kind of minute details that you may want gone or add. Any high quality portrait retouching should look real and beautiful and any mistakes or going overboard with the tools may result in a fake looking unappealing image.
Clipping world studio has expert professionals who can assist you with your portrait retouching at a very low cost.

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Apparel Retouching

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Apparel retouching includes fields like fashion houses, ad agencies, and brand promoting houses require high-quality fashion photos for their business. Apparel retouching  mainly includes the fashion industry and is used to enhance the apparel appearance  by removing stains, creases, fix skin tones, contrast and make images look bright and realistic and thus making them more likely to buy it. At Clipping World Studio, we make your images stand out. We have a  team of photoshop retouching experts who excels at retouching works.

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is a process or renewing your old photos by removing stain, mold or touching up any blank or torn pieces. Our professional editors can easily restore your old photos by using just the right tools. We have skilled editors with keen eyes who are able to work their magic on your old photos by using just the right contrast or just the right color and bring back the life in those photos.

Old photos bears a lot of memories and Clipping World Studio can help you restore those memories.

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How Does It Work

Our team provides retouching headshots support which usually depends on the type of project plan that you chose. The aim of this service is to clean the final headshot of flaws, zits, under-eye circles, stray hairs, yellow teeth, visible scars, skin smoothing, including removal of face shine, grease, sweat, etc. 

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What to Know About Photo Retouching Service?

Photo retouching is a technique used to make photos appear perfect and attractive by the help of various tools to be used in fields such as e-commerce, ad-agencies, fashion industry, recreational photography etc.  Not all shots taken by a photographer are perfect and that’s where we come in with our editing skills, we can make any image look perfect, seamless and amazing.

Every other platform are retouching and perfecting the images and therefore, photo or image retouching services are gaining popularity these days, from the photographs of Vogue cover to the roadside clothes cover, it is essential to increase the allure of an image. But not all retouched photos can be called high-quality photos, it’s really easy to go overboard with editing tools if you aren’t not careful enough and it might end up destroying your images and your platforms audience number. That is why you need skilled professionals helping you.

Why us?

Clipping World Studio provides the best digital photography retouching services with complete fulfillment among the clients. Due to having a highly skilled team, we have become the most respected service provider in the industry.
Image retouching contains the glamour retouch, enhancing facial beauty, correcting the illumination, fixing the resolution, and pixel, etc.

Our creative graphic designers can retouch your image successfully. They are quite efficient and carry out an image dependent retouching, which is, they edit only where its needed to make the image more appealing and no when to stop with the tools as its easy to overdo an image and make it look fake. They also know how to touch up photos within the tight deadline as per your demand.

We also offer a low cost compared to the work. Hence, we can deliver high quality retouching services to our clients on a budget.