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Before After Clipping Path Service/basic Clipping PathClipping Path Service/basic Clipping Path

Basic clipping path technique is when products with simple straight lines or soft curves are clipped around and background is removed. It’s usually carried out to display simple commercial products like Box, T-shirts, Shoes, camera, chair etc. A basic clipping path service helps to bring the best of your product with minimum investment of both time and money.

Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple clipping path or multipath service is used for editorial purposes of individual components in an image. In multipath technique individual components of image are selected and then enhanced. Multipath requires a keen eye on the details for it to turn out well. Color separation, individual object separation image retouching- all these require top class multipath service.

Before After clipping world studio simple clipping path beforeclipping world studio simple clipping path after


Before After clipping world studio complex clipping path beforeclipping world studio complex clipping path after

Complex clipping path is when you have to clip path around an image with multiple curves, complex shapes, designs, or a group of photos . Complex cutout service is usually used for intricate jeweleries, a group of shoes, watches, motor parts, foods, people, furniture, etc. These products have transparent holes or gaps and can be clipped with multipath only and also requires a high level of attention to details and time.


Super complex clipping path is one of the most time consuming and tricky image cut out solutions for photoshop editors where a lot of patience and extreme level attention to details is required. The category of images that require this service is complex machinery, highly intricate jewelry or anything with lots of gaps or thin intricate lines. To successfully clip those images expertise at various tools and techniques such as fast selection, pen tool, canal masking, etc are necessary.

Before After clipping world studio super complex clipping beforeclipping world studio super complex clipping after

How Does It Work

At clipping world studio our team provides Clipping path services support which depends on the project plans you have chosen. The aim of this service is to completely remove the original background or change the color of the background. Changing the backdop to one solid colour removes any distractions from the image and highlights the product only

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What Is Image Clipping Path Service?

Clipping path or deep etch technique is an image editing service where a closed vector path is created around an object, when clipping path is applied everything inside the image remains while everything outside the image is excluded. 

There are many types of Clipping path services depending on image provided like, basic clipping path, multiple clipping path, complex clipping path, super complex clipping path, increasing in difficulty as we go down the list. At clipping world studio we use the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop or other popular software to manually remove the background or any objects from an image.

Clipping World Studio aims at clipping images online for background removal service to provide a contiguous impression. As a result, this helps improve the effectiveness of the photograph, and thus the efficiency of the business. 

Our prices are  reasonable and we also offer a free trial for you to asses our work beforehand. Contact Us if you have an interest in our service and want to check our different level of services. Sign up the form below to quickly reach us.

Why Is the Clipping Path at Clipping World Studio Effective?

Our deep understanding of the purpose helps us consider each of your demand. We don’t leave a single portion un-attended. It helps us to compete for the global market and makes us the best.

We are methodical in applying the superlative professional photo retouching services from the customers’ point of view. Our reputations make us attentive in ensuring the exact value of your money.

We offer the best service to knockout white background Photoshop. Clipping World Studio can change background of photo to white or any other color by using clipping path services.

The quality of our work is guaranteed and we have the free trial option just for you to asses our work before your money gets involved.

Although we have different premium softwares, we prefer using Adobe Photoshop to manually draw vector path around the image to ensure utmost accuracy and precision. Clipping World studio only has the best to offer you.


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