Ghost Mannequin Service

  • Only $1.5 per photo ghost mannequin. Fast 24 hours reshaping service.

3D Ghost Mannequin Effects

Before After clipping world studio simple neck joint beforeclipping world studio simple neck joint after
This effect helps to get a 3D look to product images like clothing products, jewelry, watches, etc. Consumers get to understand how it will look while using. Whether it is still or dynamic image to make into 3D/360 degrees, our photoshop experts always ready to take challenges for any packshot ghost mannequin service. We give you guaranteed satisfaction at a competitive price.

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The ghost mannequin effect is all about removing the mannequin from the product. But if you remove the mannequin from a clothing product like shirts, sweaters, jackets, suits, etc. You will get hollow on the neck area. In neck joint service to fix this photoshop expert bring the neck area from another image of the same product by image clipping and put it on the neck area.

Before After clipping world studio woman cloth neck joint beforeclipping world studio woman cloth neck joint after

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Before After clipping world studio bottom neck joint beforeclipping world studio bottom neck joint after
This is used for apparel with back sections longer than the front sections. Some clothing appears to have an elongated back, which looks like a tail. After removing the mannequin just like neck joint effect photoshop experts cut the bottom part from another image by using the clipping path technique and join in the bottom.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Sleeves joint ghost mannequin technique is for clothes with long sleeves like jackets, suits, sweaters, dresses etc. The sleeves of a long sleeved garment requires to be edited separately to make it look hollow and fit with the rest of the garment. 

Before After clipping world studio sleeves neck joint beforeclipping world studio sleeves neck joint after

How Does It Work

Our team provides Ghost mannequin services which usually depends on the project plan package you chose. The aim of this service is to ghost the mannequin completely and seamlessly. 

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin is an excellent image editing service, which allows you to join the photographs captured from various angles to a produce an image, especially the rear and front side, provides an extensive 3D model by using different Photoshop tools. 

Ghost mannequin technique helps to highlight your product and remove and distractions from it making sure that all attention is on the garment. IIt also helps the customers visualize the fit of the clothes which plays a huge part in their decision of buying it. Ghost mannequin or mannequin removal also helps save you time and money you would otherwise spend on a model.

Clipping World Studio apply ghost mannequin to provide a hollow or ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop to represent your product effectively from the separate images of different parts. We have a team of editors skilled in the ghost mannequin services and ready to deliver high quality photos for your platform.

Why us ?

During the establishment of our business, we have ameliorated thousands of clients for millions of images with our ghost mannequin technique.
The main services comprise of:
  • 360° or 3D Packshot
  • Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin editing service by Clipping World Studio has been established by the quality of our work and the satisfaction of the clients.. 

Our ghost mannequin service is provided to you by experienced editors who study and observe the way a piece of clothing might fit an hollow body. We always use the best tools available to clip around an image our editors have true understanding of how dimension shift may affect the product and carry out our retouching work according to that information. Clipping World Studio provides one of the best quality of ghost mannequin services at an affordable in all Bangladesh and and the world.