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Clipping World Studio/Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is an Adobe Hand-drawn paths need expertise, skills, and knowledge on image clipping. Our graphic designers maintain the photo editing quality with clipping path at 1 to 2 pixels inside from the edge of the image. We provide services for removing background for garments, jewelry, model, real estate, and e-commerce product. 

Photoshop Pen tool based photo editing service which is widely used to remove, change, modify, colorize background in an image. There are many different levels to Clipping path depending on the angles and lines of the 2D image.

Clipping World Studio/Background Remove Service


Background removal is a process which is usually carried out by clipping a path around an object. Background removal is mainly used by retailers to advertise for products. A solid backdrop helps highlight displayed product and its features better. For example: when advertising for a pair of shoes we only want the shoes to stand out so we clip out the background so as to keep all the attention on it. A solid color background helps the image to pop more and upholds the special features of the product which would otherwise go unnoticed. The solid color also helps the color of the product to be compared easily these contrast plays a huge role in assisting customers make the final decision, which in turn, increases the efficiency of your business.
Image Masking Services


Image masking is the result of using graphic design software, much like photoshop, it is used to create a gradients and contrasts in the images, to make the image Stand out and remove/hide any mistakes or add to the image without changing it completely. A masked image pops more, and helps catch customers eyes and looks better in general. 

Image masking has a variety of uses from recreational photo editing to magazines to E-commerce business  product displays. Each of these sectors uses a different process/technique of Image masking, all of which services are available for you at Clipping World Studio.

Clipping World Studio/Ghost Mannequin Service


Ghost mannequin is the process of removing the mannequin or dummy from inside of a product, usually a  garment, to give it a 3D effect. This process is carried out by clipping out the mannequin and then combining multiple images from different angles and thus creating a hollow man effect on the said garment. Ghosting the mannequin from an image causes the customers to be able to visualize themselves in that piece of clothing and makes it more likely for them to buy it. It also helps save the time and money you would otherwise spend on a model.
Clipping world studio has an array of dedicated, skilled and expert professionals excelling at ghost mannequin services.I assure you, you would not be disappointed by the quality of our work.

Clipping World Studio/Photo Retouching Service


Photo retouching is a technique used by everyone, from professional photographers to magazine editor to cloth advertisers to instagram influencers. It’s mainly used to correct any anomalies in the images and help perfect the overall image. Retouched photos are much more precise, smooth and bright in other words, much more appealing to the eye than unretouched/ badly retouched images. A brighter, anomaly free image is more likely to attract more audience than a badly retouched image. But going overboard with the retouching tools might cause the image to look completely different and fake and causing the audiences to distrust your platform.
At clipping world studio we offer you image based retouching service where we help bring out the absolute best in your images. 

Clipping World Studio/Shadow Creation Service

Photo Shadow Creation Services

Shadow creation is another editing technique where, as the name suggests, a shadow is created for the object displayed. 

This makes the product look much more realistic and is more likely to make the customer trust your site.

To create a high quality shadowed product image, a lot of factors  matters. 

For example : the direction of the light, the size of the shadow, the placement of the shadow and many more and so requires experienced and skilled editors, and we have no shortage of that at Clipping World Studio.  

Clipping World Studio/Color Correction Service


Color correction is one of the most  popular photo editing techniques used nowadays. Most of the photos you may see online are color corrected. Color corrected photos are brighter and helps contrast the product with the background making it stand out more.
Color correction can also be used to completely change the color of the product, which comes in handy during  advertising for same product with different colors.
And just like any image editing to make a photo look good, realistic and bright you need skills, expertise and experience, otherwise your photo may end up looking glum and fake. And our editors at clipping world studio lack none of that.

Clipping World Studio/Ecommerce Photo Edit Service


E-commerce photo editing Includes all types of photo editing techniques  to make a certain product photo stand out to in a online platform. It can be used to produce images to advertise any kind of product to be sold, and is the most essential part of online business platforms.
How well your business does depends entirely on how well you present your products on your platform, a good editing is what makes it presentable, realistic and more endearing to the customers. But editing images of great numbers can be a little too time consuming that’s why Clipping World Studio is here to help you edit those photos with a guarantee of quality.