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Jewelry Natural Shadow​

Before After clipping world studio natural shadow beforeCreate shadow in photoshop

Jewelry shadow creation is the process of adding a shadow to a background removed jewelry piece. Adding a shadow to a product with no background helps it feel more realistic and alleviate its charm. 
Adding shadow to an intricate piece of jewelry requires a lot of skill and knowledge due to the placing of all the gaps and twists and turns. At clipping world studio we have veteran editors who excel at intricate object editing.

drop shadow

Drop shadow is a photoshop effect of adding a shadow to the bottom of your product to make it look like its sitting on a reflective surface.This makes your product more realistic and not like it is floating midair. Product reflection shadow or drop shadow  adds a depth to your photos that help make it look more attractive to the audience.

Before After clipping world studio reflection shadow beforeclipping world studio reflection shadow after

Apparel Drop Shadow

Before After Clipping World Studio/Drop Shadow BeforeClipping World Studio/Drop Shadow After

Photo restoration process is actually a retouching technique used to restore and recreate old damaged photos. But with the time old photos get damaged, moldy, wear away and Clipping World Studio’s image manipulation service team helps to restore that image and also the memory with it. 
Photos damaged from mold, water, wear and tear, creasing, fading experts at clipping world studio can fix it for you at a very low price and high quality.

Complex Product Shadow

Photo Shadow Creation Services

Photo color change, as the name suggests literally means  changing the colors in an image. This can be carried out on black and white photos or washed out photos or normal photos. Changing color of a photo requires incredible photo manipulation skills and helps to elevate the aesthetic of the photo entirely.
At Clipping World Studio, we study and observe color changing how it affects photos to come up with the perfect color for your washed out photos. Photo Shadow Creation Services

Before After Clipping World Studio/Complex Product Shadow BeforeBest clipping path service provider 2024/Complex Product Shadow After

How Does It Work

Our team provides shadowing and photo restoration services timing of which is usually 1-3 days depending on the image. You can upload your image that you want edited with proper instruction and we will get back to you with your edited image.

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What Is Photo Manipulation Service?

Photo Manipulation Service is the service that we provide to restore, shadow or retouch your old or new product or normal images to make it look new and attractive to your audience. Whether its a new product photo or an old family photo doesn’t affect the fact that it requires some sort of manipulation or help to make it attractive and fixing the light and pixel. Our experts at Clipping World Studio uses various Photo editing tools to increase the appeal of the image and remove any anomalies..

Clipping World Studio has a successful history of digital image manipulation by retouching them most efficiently. Our pros use the updated tools to provide a more appealing look to your product images and helps restore old photos just the way u want it. 

Why us?

Clipping World Studio offers you a team of veteran image editors with skills in photo manipulation. Our photo manipulation services aim to help you with the shadowing of your product images with shadow effect services like natural shadow, drop shadow or mirror drop shadow as well as old photo restoration, color correction/restoration,
We offer professional editors to edit your image quickly and efficiently into high-quality images fit for your platform at an affordable price. This is a wholesome deal that you cannot just say no to.

Our image manipulation service is keen on keeping the natural beauty of your image and use the best tools available to us to edit your images in a creative way to bring out its true colors and sharpness.