What Is Photoshop Clipping Path ?

Clipping path or deep etch technique is an image editing service where a closed vector path is created around an object, when the clipping path is applied everything inside the image remains while everything outside the image is excluded.

There are many types of Clipping path services depending on the image provided like, basic clipping path, multiple clipping path, complex clipping path, and super complex clipping path, increasing in difficulty as we go down the list. At clipping world studio we use the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop or other popular software to manually remove the background or any objects from an image.

Clipping World Studio aims at clipping images online for background removal services to provide a contiguous impression. As a result, this helps improve the effectiveness of the photograph, and thus the efficiency of the business.

Our prices are reasonable and we also offer a free trial for you to asses our work beforehand. Contact Us if you have an interest in our service and want to check our different levels of services. Sign up for the form below to quickly reach us.


Multiple clipping path or multipath service is used for editorial purposes of individual components in an image. In the multipath technique, individual components of the image are selected and then enhanced.



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