Image Masking Services

How to do Photoshop Masking ?

Image masking service is a photoshop based editing service that deals with background removal of furry, fuzzy, hairy, or transparent edges.

Image masking techniques usually deal with background removal of subjects with fuzzy hairy or furry edges which are hard to do with manual drawing of Clipping path and thus uses a more efficient technique of masking which is done by color contrasting and decontamination of photos. There are a lot of techniques and some are destructive and some forms of image masking is non-destructive the layers can be separately changed later depending on the need.

Image masking service is required for Ad-agencies, magazines, brochures pamphlets, and e-Commerce platforms. Image masking requires experience, skill, and utmost accuracy when applied and so it’s better to have a professional do it for you.

Alpha Hair Masking In Photoshop

Alpha Channel Masking is a bit more complex method than Layer Masking. Its mainly used to remove the background from around a very fuzzy subject, which is carried out by changing the contrast around an image multiple times to find the right color contrast. And then the “color decontaminate” is applied to the image to permanently mask the image and remove the background with utmost accuracy.

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