Photoshop effect of adding a shadow to the bottom of your product to make it look like it’s sitting on a reflective surface. This makes your product more realistic and not like it is floating in midair. Product reflection shadow or drop shadow adds depth to your photos that help make them look more attractive to the audience.

In Photoshop CC, with expertise & patience, you can get the proper settings & exact lighting that can give your product photographs a professional look. The entire procedures need skill, time, and an understanding of shadows.


Jewelry shadow creation is the process of adding a shadow to a background removed jewelry piece. Adding a shadow to a product with no background helps it feel more realistic and alleviates its charm.
Adding shadow to an intricate piece of jewelry requires a lot of skill and knowledge due to the placing of all the gaps and twists and turns. At clipping world studio we have veteran editors who excel at intricate object editing. Our graphics designer member will help you to create shadow in photoshop .

Clipping World Studio has a successful history of digital image manipulation by retouching them most efficiently. Our pros use the updated tools to provide a more appealing look to your product images and help restore old photos just the way u want them.

create shadow in photoshop





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